At Little Bears we aim to make snack and meal times a social event, in which all the children and staff meet together in the dining room to eat. All snacks and meals are included in the nursery fees and are as follows:

  • Breakfast served between 7.30-8.15
  • Morning snack  served at 10.00
  • Dinner served at 12.00
  • Afternoon snack served at 2.00
  • Light tea served after 4.00

(mid morning snack, plus drinks are also included)

We plan the menus to provide the children with a balanced and nutritional meal  that is also fun and enjoyable. We ask parents to discuss  individual dietary requirements with us and we will do our best to meet these.

We offer 2, 1 hour free trial sessions to help your child become used to their new surroundings and also help you as parents make the transition to going back to work easier.
Each child will have a keyworker who will be with them throughout the day and will look forward to seeing you that evening to tell you what fun and exciting adventures your child has been getting up to that day.




Little Bears is open Monday to Friday, all year round excluding Christmas and New Year and Bank Holidays, from 7.30am - 6.15pm.

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